We see technology in the context of human interaction.

Philipp Keller CTO


  • Greymatters is a software solution provider and a consultant agent
  • Providing bespoke innovative high-tech software solutions and consultancy to bridge your technology gaps
  • Serving SMEs in the DACH Region
  • Helping you scale your business faster
  • Our unique client-centric service model developed
  • Highly committed to innovation, evolving technology, and research
  • Owning more than 30 years of experience

Greymatters D.O.O. in Ljubljana, Slovenia, is founded with the vision to provide top-notch engineering services. Our mission is to apply the skills of our engineers with best practices in applications that make a difference in a range of industries. Customers stand center stage. On the side of the team, we aim to provide the necessary diversity in interesting technologies, domains, customers and industries that help engineers to optimally grow their professional and soft skills in an international setting. 

Greymatters believes that it is important to be committed not just to good management and engineering practices, but also to an inclusive and social mindset with ethical standards at the core.