Your Very Own Nearshoring Team

Project organisation and line organisation are fully in your own hands. 100% Control, 100% Corporate Identity, mission identification and optimal cultural integration into your in-house team.

With Hosted Nearshoring, you can get the right professionals for your long term strategy into your own development team: your dedicated office space, an optimal fit for the skills you need, your procedures, without any interference. No broker between, same prices like with any comparable local near-shoring service provider. No multiplexing of resources, no third-party interests on your mind, complete HR control: your very own team!

Yet we from Greymatters are there for you to take care of all organisational aspects and administrative tasks, including HR. You do not get people who are already there, but we together start with a clean slate, find and employ the best-fit professionals that you really want, to your specs, under your complete control, going through your very own HR evaluation. Nobody but you will ever have any demands on your team.

This model is ideal if you need to scale your team with a long term perspective, need to have full control, but do not want to go through the complexity of setting up an own branch or a spin-off company in a foreign nearshoring country.

And we are really near: a hop away from you, in beautiful downtown Ljubljana, with a solid and tried representation in the DACH countries.