We Manage The Difference

Nearshoring brings geographical and cultural proximity, which is an added value if on-site work is required, for face-to-face teamwork, or if issues need to be resolved by people working together as a real team.

Different challenges in software development require different IT sourcing models to extend your team and efficiently scale up and down. With our rich partner network and with our own sister companies in Switzerland, we are unique in being able to consolidate all the different sourcing models in a cost- optimised way and make switching and combining between them a seamless experience.

In addition to that, we are there to support you as well as the developers during the entire collaboration, both administratively and technically: this service takes a big load from your shoulders and is being especially appreciated by our customers.

Success stories come with optimal collaboration between the right people: good soft-skills are important. We excel in sourcing talent and help you to bring the right professional to your software development team, with a rich skill-set way beyond programming software. We provide the know-how that allows you to scale up and down fast, while the added complexity of finding and handling the resources is managed by us.